FDK Engineering

FDK Engineering is a full-service stainless-steel fabrication company providing product & creative design, design proposal & detailed production design services to our clients.
Specialising in light and medium sheet metal fabrication, we offer our services to all sectors of industry. Our services include processing of stainless steel, mild steel / mild steel galvanized and aluminium. We can take any project from initial concept right through to final on-site installation.
We offer all our clients past and future tailored one on one consultation and creative design services to help take your project from concept right through to completion. Utilising Computer Aided Design (CAD), we can provide all our clients a clear vision of their finished project before a single cut in metal is made. This allows us to refine, redesign and work through various concepts to find the optimal solution for any project.
From our 1200sq. m Workshop housing FDK Engineering’s highly skilled workforce, we offer full welding services, e.g., TIG and MIG, full fabrication services & laser cutting services. FDK Engineering can offer surface finishing to required standards and provide final quality checks and testing as well as site erection & commissioning of larger projects.